Did KTR reprimand Chevella TRS MP?

Tue Dec 10 2019 11:13:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Chevella TRS MP Ranjit Reddy must the ruing the day he agreed to appear on the debate show on a national TV channel on Disha murder and rape. The MP looked too dazed and too incoherent during the debate. He had a blank expression and could not reply when the host asked him as to why CM KCR has not even bothered to call on the parents of Disha. He could not even complete one sentence in reply. He spoke in half sentences and made a joke of himself. This one interview has done great damage to the image  to thef the party and to the CM at the national level.

It is now being rumoured that party's working president KTR has taken the MP to task for appearing on the TV debate. The TRS has already barred its spokespersons from appearing on TV channel debates. How and why did Santosh Reddy agree to appear on the show, is the question being asked now.

Even the netizens made fun of Santosh Reddy's incoherence. They are asking as to why he appeared when he was not sure of himself. There are memes and jokes about his failure to be articulate. Last heard, Reddy is now taking classes on how to do well in TV debates.