Dhoni's Run-Out: Did New Zealand Violate Rule?

Fri Jul 12 2019 11:25:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

The run-out of Mahendra Singh Dhoni by Martin Nuptial in the Semi Final ended India's World Cup dream. Now, Indian Fans blame Umpiring Error for the dismissal of the Mr.Cool Cricketer.

As per ICC Rules, Only 5 Fielders will be permitted outside the 30 yards circle from 41st to 50th Over. In the videos and pictures of TV Screens just before the ball which led to Dhoni's dismissal was bowled, Six New Zealand Fielders were found outside the inner circle.

Fans feel pathetic Umpiring costed India World Cup Trophy. They have been seeking an explanation from the International Cricket Council over what has happened. It's the responsibility of ICC to clarify if the videos and pictures reflect the actual situation. If there are really six fielders outside the circle, On-field Umpires should be held responsible for what has happened.