Did a newspaper's secret survey make Etela leave TRS?

Sat Jun 05 2021 12:19:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

Why did Etela Rajender, who was estranged with KCR for  a long time, take the plunge and resign from the party? What prompted him to severe his connections with his long-time friend KCR?  While there are different theories doing rounds, sources say a survey conducted by a Telugu daily has prompted Etela to take the decision to leave the TRS.

Highly placed sources say that a Telugu daily, which is not so close to KCR, had conducted a secret survey to know the mood of  the voters in Huzurabad. The survey was both intensive and exhaustive. It was done in a very scientific manner. The survey result, which was never made public, was presented to Etela. The survey showed that a good 60 per cent of the voters in Huzurabad are solidly backing Etela. They strongly feel that Etela has been wronged against. On seeing the survey details, Etela gained confidence, shed inhibitions and then decided to take the plunge. It was after this survey that he had begun looking for options. He toyed with several options such as launching his own party or joining some other party. Finally, he had decided to go with the BJP.

Sources close to Etela say that he will still have to work hard to retain this support base. He knows KCR will move heaven and earth to defeat him in Huzurabad. So, he is said to be planning to launch a massive outreach programme in Huzurabad.