Disaster In Turkey.. Father’s Pic Is Bringing Tears In Eye!

Wed Feb 08 2023 18:09:15 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Turkey and Syria suffered three consecutive massive earthquakes on Monday. Hundreds of victims lost their lives and thousands of people sustained injuries as earthquakes happened in a span of hours. The rescue operation is facing obstacles as the earth is shaking when the efforts are going on.

In the last two days, earthquakes have struck on a big scale. So the locals are living in fear of what will happen next. The death count which was 2,000 and 3,000 has now jumped massively. The latest data says that the death count rose to 7700 and more than 42,000 people sustained injuries.

On the other hand, heart-wrenching incidents are being reported while rescuing people from the ruins. The screams of the victims who were trapped under the ruins are making the incident even more painful. A woman gave birth to a baby under the ruins. A picture of a person taking the baby to a hospital is doing rounds on the internet.

Such incidents are popping up in Turkey and Syria. One such incident is reported. A building got severely damaged due to the earthquake. A father lost his daughter in the mishap. Visuals of the father crying holding the hand of his daughter trapped under the ruins moved many.

The earthquake happened when Irmak, a 15-year-old, was sleeping. A massive loss happened as the earthquake hit during the early hours. Thousands of people lost their lives as they were trapped under the ruins. Irmak lost her life in this.

 However, her father was rescued. He is crying his heart out as he lost his daughter. Many lost their loved ones due to the earthquake. Property loss was also reported and many lost their homes.