What's Wrong With Lagadapati?

Sat Dec 08 2018 14:54:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

Lagadapati Rajagopal predicted the victory of Mahakutami in the recently concluded Telangana Assembly Polls 2018. Harsh reality is that no survey can be 100 percent accurate. Drawing a comparison between the prediction given by the former MP in 2014 and the actual results gives a clear picture.

Lagadapati Survey - Telangana Assembly Polls 2014:

TRS: 50-60 Seats, Congress: 30-40 Seats, TDP-BJP: Rs 18-22 Seats; Others: 7-9 Seats

Telangana Assembly Polls 2014 Results:

TRS: 63 Seats, Congress: 20 Seats, TDP-BJP Combine: 20 Seats, Others: 15 Seats

Lagadapati's prediction has come true only in the case of seats won by TDP-BJP. In fact, TRS won more seats than what he assumed and Congress managed only half of the seats he predicted. That's a clear case of error in judgement!

Predictions given by Lagadapati during Tamil Nadu and Karanataka Assembly Polls weren't accurate as well. So, What he told about Telangana Assembly Polls 2018 mayn't come true!