Disgrace to Media Ethics: Media outlets in TS carry out false stories on lockdown!

Thu Apr 29 2021 16:38:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

As a big disgrace to media ethics, several media outlets have carried out stories spreading false news claiming that one more lockdown will be imposed in Telangana after April 30.

Without official confirmation, a few leading media channels claimed that the state will undergo another lockdown from April month, given the rise in Coronavirus cases and deaths.

These media outlets took a set ahead and claimed that the Department of Medical Health has recommended another lockdown to the state government and the government will discuss the recommendation in the next cabinet meeting.

Needless to say, these media reports have left the public in panic. Fearing that one more lockdown might come into effect in the state, people started rushing to supermarkets and other shops to get the stock of essential goods.

This false news has reached a level that Telangana Director of health Dr. G Srinivas Rao has stepped in to clear the airs on the lockdown news. He said the government has no plans for lockdown.

It's a sincere request to the so-called media channels. Being in the responsible position, it is ok even if you don't create awareness, but please don't carry out false stories for the sake of the TRP ratings.