Disgusting: TTE Urinated On Woman, Sacked By Railways!

Tue Mar 14 2023 18:46:46 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The whole nation was shocked when the incident of a male passenger urinating on a woman passenger was reported. Cut to a few weeks another shocking incident of a person urinating inside the airport came to light. Such incidents raise several doubts about how people can behave like this.

Another such shocking incident came to light where a TT urinated on a passenger. After the issue was reported, the Railways responded and sacked the employee. The Railways said that what the TTE did was not acceptable and that such behavior will not be accepted.

Going into details, a Travelling Ticket Examiner (TTE) who was on the Akal Takht Express reportedly urinated on a woman. Somehow the issue made it to the news and many expressed their shock over what happened to the woman. It is said that the TTE urinated on the head of a woman.

The Akal Takht Express which was going from Amritsar to Kolkata reported the incident. Based on this, the TTE was arrested and sent to judicial custody. The victim was accompanied by her husband when this happened and it is said that he filed a complaint.

The Northern Railway responded to the incident and sacked the employee with immediate effect. The Railways said that such disrespect towards a woman cannot be tolerated and the misconduct cannot be tolerated.

"Your above conduct showing disrespect to women construes serious misconduct, in the process bringing disrepute not only to your own self but entire railways as an organization. It is also seen that you are in judicial custody. Taking cognizance of this grave matter, I consider it to be a fit case to adopt the provision of Rule 14(ii)," the Railways said.