Disquiet In TDP SC Leaders Over Chandrababu's 'Use And Throw' Policy

Mon Jun 22 2020 12:09:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ever since the Oppostion TDP enacted Varla Ramaiah fiasco, the Dalit leaders of the TDP are a disenchanted lot. They are increasingly beginning to feel that the TDP supremo is adopting a policy of 'use and throw' for the Dalit leaders.

The reason for this disenchantment is that SC leader Varla Ramaiah was put up despite the fact that the TDP did not have the numbers to get him elected as Rajya Sabha MP. The question - would Chandrababu give Varla a party ticket if there was a winning chance - is now bothering the TDP dalit leaders. Earlier too, he was given Tirupati seat in 2009 and Pamarru in 2014 much against his wishes. He lost both the times. Now, winning a Rajya Sabha seat needed a huge miracle. Realising that there were no winning chances, Chandrababu pitted Ramaiah again. This is nothing but 'use and throw' feel the Dalit leaders.

If sources are to be believed, Dalit leaders lke Nallagatla Swamy, his wife Sudha Rani, former minister KS Jawahar and Peethala Sujatha are in great confusion. They feel that Chandrababu would continue to use them for his political gains. Another Dalit leader, Ravela Kishore Babu has already left the party. Will more leaders leave the party? Let's wait and see.