Do Not Underestimate Pawan Kalyan, He Is Planning Something Big!!

Thu Oct 07 2021 18:25:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

If you thought that Pawan Kalyan is a seasonal politician and gets active only occasionally, then think again. Pawan is said to be preparing a grand strategy for the coming days. Realising that even without much effort, the party could poll up to 20 percent votes in the MPTC and ZPTC elections, he is now said to be actively mulling expanding the party.

Sources say he and his messengers have already begun talking to former Praja Rajyam Party leaders. Also, they are said to be talking to several important leaders in other parties. If sources are to be believed, Pawan Kalyan is holding talks with two former ministers and an ex-MLA. Two of them are said to be from the North Andhra region. The aim is to strengthen the party in the North Andhra region.

Sources say that former minister Ganta Srinivas Rao and VishnuKumar Raju, who are from north Andhra, are reportedly talking to Pawan. He is of the opinion that Ganta is quite influential and can turn the tide in the north Andhra region. Similarly, builder Vishnukumar Raju too has considerable influence in Vizag city.  Meanwhile the name of former Minister Kamineni Srinivas too is being heard.

Jana Sena sources say that Pawan will soon take up programmes like Shrama Danam to reachout to the people. Party's thinking heads feel that Shrama Danam helped create quita a buzz to the Jana Sena chief. They feel that he has managed to hog the headlines . He has also forced the government to act by taking up repairs to the bad roads, according to observers.