Do You Dare Wish Me? Etela's Punch To BRS MLA!

Mon Feb 06 2023 17:33:49 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

It is known that Assembly sessions are going on as part of the Budget meetings. From the beginning, we are seeing some interesting scenes. Recently IT Minister KTR went to Etela Rajender and others and had a word with them in the Assembly House. While that was an interesting scene another unexpected scene took place.

 During the occasion of tabling the budget, BRS MLA Marri Janardhan Reddy wished Etela Rajender who was walking from the BJP LP Office. This is an unexpected development and no one expected this.

When Marri wished Etela he did not pay attention. So he went to Etela and directly wished him. This surprised Etela. ": What Will the BRS MLAs dare to wish me," said Etela, who was a bit surprised. In response, Janardhan Reddy said politics are different and human relations are different. Why didn’t we dare? We dare to hug as well and hugged Etela Rajender.

Responding to this, where are values nowadays? It is like asking how it feels after frying in hot oil.. He said that there is no situation like earlier where leaders from other parties can talk. Raghunandan Rao expressed his dissatisfaction that when he met Minister Harish Rao for the works in his constituency reports appeared that he would join the BRS.

Etela Rajender was with the TRS when it began fighting for a special state and he took an active part in the Telangana movement. After TRS came to power he was made the Cabinet Minister. However, things turned upside down between him and the party leadership.

His Cabinet post was stripped after land-grabbing allegations were made against him. So he joined the BJP and contested the Huzurabad by-elections on the BJP ticket and won the polls.