Do you think Covid-19 situations in Telugu States are not bad, think twice!

Sat Apr 17 2021 18:04:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Coronavirus fear is not over yet. Situations in the country have escalated quickly with the massive surge in fresh infections. Despite this, the public is not taking the pandemic seriously.

Whenever we talk about problematic situations in the states triggered by the Coronavirus, states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh flash in our minds.

With the rise in casualties, cremating the dead bodies of Covid-19 became a big task for the officials. Vehicles carrying dead bodies are piling up outside the crematoriums, as a result.

Everyone thinks that situations in Telugu states haven't reached worse yet. But the reality has something else to say. An incident reported from the Telugu States will make you think about the Covcid-19 situation twice.

A woman named Balamma breathed her last battling the Covid-19 in Bhuvanagiri's Namatpalli in Telangana. To shift her body, the medical staff members have used a JCB.

If people start taking the required measures against the pandemic, in no time Telugu states might turn out as Maharashtra or the other severely hit states.