Doctors Bring Mamta Banerjee On Her Knees

Mon Jun 17 2019 09:52:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mighty Mamta Banerjee, who is given to bouts of anger, adrenaline rush and adventure, has been brought to her knees - not by political rivals, but by the doctors. With doctors from 14 major medical colleges in the state striking work for the last six days and with every doctor in the state joining the strike, the medical services have come to a halt in West Bengal. True to her style, Mamta initially tried to threaten the doctors and let loose Trinamool goons. But this has served only to intensify the agitation. The doctors across the country have staged protests in support of the doctors of West Bengal.

With all her tricks failing, Mamta has now decided to hold talks with the doctors. The doctors now want the talks to be held at NRM Hospital, where the whole ruckus started. They want the talks to be held in an open forum and to be covered by the media. They have rejected Mamta's offer of holding talks in the state secretariat. Now, Mamta has no option but to accept. Thus, the lowly doctors have brought Mamta on her knees. What a comedown for a politician, who felled the mighty Marxists?