Does Karanam Balaram Have An ''Illegal '' Daughter?

Tue Jul 09 2019 18:16:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

Skeletons are tumbling out of the TDP closets. There's a huge problem waiting explode on senior TDP leader Karanam Balaram's face. The reason? He has more than three children and has lied in the affidavit submitted to the election commission.

According to his former MLA and YSRCP leader Amanchi Krishna Mohan, Karanam Balaram has four children, but concealed one child in his affidavit He alleged that Karanam has another daughter by name Ambika, who is born out of his association with one woman identified as K Prasoona. Karanam had even celebrated her birthday till she was eight years old. Ambika has recently joined the YSRCP. According to Aamanchi, the birth certificate and other school level certificates of Ambika show Karanam Balaram as her father.

Daring Karanam to openly announce that Ambika was not his daughter, Amanchi said He further said that Ambika was ready for DNA test. He said Ambika now wants that Karanam openly admit that she is his daughter. He also wanted Chandrababu Naidu to expel Karanam from the party. He charged that even Chandrababu knew about the whole issue and had even released a book written by Ambika sometime ago. During the book release, Chandrababu himself has introduced Ambika as Karanam's daughter.