Does TDP have different yardsticks for films and exams?

Thu Apr 29 2021 08:53:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

The TDP's double-tongued approach on public exams is now drawing ridicule in Andhra Pradesh. The TDP which wanted the local body elections to be held at any cost regardless of the Covid situation in the state and wanted all restrictions lifted to make Pawan Kalyan's Vakil Sahib a super hit, is now claiming that the exams should be postponed in view of corona.

Interestingly, YS Jagan's argument is that the exams are still faraway and by the time the exams are held, the corona might even be tamed. He also indicated that he does not want the students to lose an academic year. To ensure that the students are well prepared, he has announced that the examinations would be held as per schedule.

However, Chandrababu who wanted special shows for Vakil Saheb regardless of the Corona situation. He had even charged the Government with trying to damage the financial roots of Pawan Kalyan. In his desperation to align with Pawan Kalyan for 2024 elections, he has thrown concerns for public health and safety to winds.

But, when it came to public examinations for students, he wants them to be completely cancelled. He says the government should not hold any exams in view of the Corona crisis. He has different yardsticks for local body elections, Pawan Kalyan's film release and for holding public examinations.