America Loves India: Donald Trump

Mon Feb 24 2020 16:38:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

The US President Donald Trump who is here for a two-day visit is not leaving any stone unturned to impress the Indians and praise Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Speaking at the Motera stadium he described how much America loves India. He went on to say that America loves India and added that he and his wife traveled 8000kms to say that our nation loves India.

"We respect India. It is a profound honour to be in Motera in this beautiful stadium. Thank you for your spectacular welcome. Melania and my family will remember this forever," Donald Trump maintained.

In his speech, he also showered praises on his great friend Narendra Modi and said, "Modi started as a 'Chaiwala', but he won a big election with a landslide. PM Modi is a hardworking man and he has shown that anything is possible. He is friendly, but is tough.

He went on to say that India is the largest democracy and gained a name as the one among the greatest nations for itself. "What is impressive is that India has achieved all this as a democracy and as a tolerant country. India's achievement is unrivalled," he added.