Donald Trump Targets Joe Biden On Elizabeth's Funeral!

Tue Sep 20 2022 22:24:02 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Former United States President Donald Trump was very confident of winning the elections in the second term. But the election result came the other way and Joe Biden won the polls. Even while leaving the White House, Donald Trump used all the possible options to extend his stay as the United States President.

Though Joe Biden became the President, Donald Trump's issues with the President did not settle. In many instances, he drew a comparison of how things would have been different if he was the President. When Afghanistan fell for the Taliban, Donald Trump said he would have not called the forces back from Afghanistan.

Yet again, Donald Trump targeted Joe Biden. It is known that the UK Queen Elizabeth II was laid to rest the other day. Leaders across the nation attended the ceremony, including United States President Joe Biden. He was made to sit in the 14th row.

Donald Trump reacted to the issue and said, this is what happened to the United States in just two years and if he was the President of the United States this would have not happened and he would have not sat in the last row.

As he has a real estate background, Donald Trump linked the incident with politics and said location is everything in politics like real estate. He made these comments to take a dig at Joe Biden, who was made to sit in the last row.

"This is what's happened to America in just two short years. No respect! "However, a good time for our President to get to know the leaders of certain Third World countries,” Donald Trump said on the Truth Social Media app.

"If I were president, they wouldn't have sat me back there - and our Country would be much different than it is right now! "In Real Estate, like in Politics and in Life, LOCATION IS EVERYTHING!!!," the former US President added.

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