Donald Trump banned from Facebook till 2023, he called it an insult to voters!

Sat Jun 05 2021 11:53:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

The social media giant Facebook on Friday announced that former President of the United States Donald Trump will be banned from the platform for the next two years. Trump cannot use Facebook till 2023.

Talking about the decision on the ban, Nick Clegg, vice president of global affairs of Facebook said, the actions of Donald Trump are a severe violation of our policies. This requires the highest penalty possible, Nick said.

"Given the gravity of the circumstances that led to Mr. Trump's suspension, we believe his actions constituted a severe violation of our rules which merit the highest penalty available under the new enforcement protocols," Nick Clegg said.

Adding further, the social media giant said, after the ban period of two years, Facebook will take a call on lifting the suspension, based on the opinion given by the experts.

Earlier last month, an independent oversight board reacted to the social media giant's decision to impose a ban on Donald Trump in connection with US Capitol violence.

Former US President Donald Trump responded to Facebook's decision and called the suspension an insult to voters. It's an insult to voters, who have voted for us in the presidential elections, he said. Trump termed the Presidential elections rigged.

He was banned from Facebook after the US Capitol violence. He was accused of instigating the violence that had rocked the superpower nation.