Dragon Country Awards Five years Sentence To A Journalist For Reporting on Covid-19

Thu Nov 19 2020 11:33:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

Despite China not agreeing to the fact that the ongoing Coronavirus was found in the Wuhan Province, the world knows that the respiratory disease has started in dragon country.

The world got to know about the Covid-19 virus and the fatalities related to the disease after several citizen journalists reported the deadly outbreak of the pandemic in the province.

Now the dragon country which is known for its approach to suppress the freedom of expression awarded a sentence of nearly five years in jail to the journalist on the charges of spreading false information.

Zhang Zhan, a lawyer-turned-citizen journalist who has been held at the Shanghai detention camp awarded five years sentence. She was also accused of the charges of 'picking quarrels and stirring up trouble'.

Charges of accepting interviews from the foreign media to reportedly spread false information on the Coronavirus pandemic in the Wuhan province.

She is not the only citizen journalist to get arrested over Covid-19 reported. Earlier the Chinese authorities have arrested journalists who reported about the pandemic.