Drugs Menace: Accused Growing Ganja In Middle Of Crop!

Mon Dec 05 2022 19:13:37 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The drug consumption has increased in Andhra Pradesh over the past few years. Banned drug substances like Ganja and others were seized at the borders of neighboring states. The opposition parties and activists are also alleging that the YCP government has failed miserably in dealing with the drug menace.

Now cops busted a Ganja cultivating racket and a person was booked. Based on a tip-off the cops conducted a raid in a chilli crop field and found Ganja cultivation. The Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) Circle Inspector (CI) was also present during the search.

It is said that the cops received information on the alleged ganja cultivating at a crop field. When the cops reached the spot and raised the place they reportedly found ganja being cultivated at the field. After booking a person the cops set the ganja plants on fire.

The alleged field is in Bommalapuram village limits of Peda Dornala mandal. As the ganja plants were found in the middle of a crop field, the concerned cops registered a case to investigate the matter. An investigation is underway to find if the owner of the land has any connection to this or not.

The alleged development comes days after cops arrested a person who is cultivating ganja in the backyard of his house and selling drugs to college students. Cops warned that drugs is a serious matter and possessing them and cultivating them is a big crime.