Earthquakes: Death Count Crosses 15,000 Mark In Syria,Turkey!

Thu Feb 09 2023 11:45:57 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Nature is an important element in the world and it provides livelihood to humans and other living beings. The world will be a disaster if the Circle of Nature gets obstructed. Mankind cannot stand the anger of Nature as Natural disasters leave a massive impact on the world.

Proving this yet again Turkey and Syria faced the biggest natural disasters with a massive earthquake. The casualties in the disaster are increasing regularly as the rescue operation is going on. More and more dead bodies are being dug up from the ruins. The casualty count almost doubled from yesterday.

The authorities said that the death count crossed the 15,000 mark. 15,383 victims are said to have breathed their last due to the earthquake as of now. The chances of the death count increasing further are high as people are trapped under the ruins. Once the rescue operation is finished then the death count would increase further.

Though Turkey and Syria both suffered earthquakes, Turkey is facing problematic situations. It is said that around 10 provinces were damaged in the earthquake and the lack of rescue teams is making the rescue tough. Less workforce is delaying the rescue. When the rescue operation was going on the earth shaked in a few regions.

As Turkey faced the biggest disaster the nation ever faced, there is a lot of criticism on the government that there are a lot of lapses in the response and it is also said that the victims are not provided the required facilities at the camps that were dedicated to people who lost their homes.

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reacted to the criticism and said that there are a few lapses and the government is focusing on increasing the efforts to intensify the rescue operation.

As there is a chance of false news spreading on social media, Twitter suspended the services in the nation temporarily. To beat the spread of misinformation, the decision was taken. Twitter services will be restored once the situation gets under control. It would take some time for things to get right in Turkey and Syria.