Eatala! Beware Of These Five People

Mon Jun 21 2021 12:43:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

While Eatala Rajender is busy in reaching out to the people of Huzurabad, there is one issue that he is ignoring. Some five of his closest associates, who are being seen as Eatala's inner ring of confidants, are working at cross purposes. These 'five' leaders, who are considered the eyes and ears of Eatala, are sending out wrong signals that would actually hurt Eatala's interests.

Highly placed sources say that these five people are actually misguiding Eatala even on social media statements and comments They are also giving out signals that they are the lynchpins of Eatala's core team. There are also serious doubts about the honesty and integrity of two organisations created in the name of Eatala. The organisations, named Eatala Jana Sena and Eatala Yuva Sena – are said to be claiming that they are working at Eatala's behest. But, some of the activities of these two organisations are raising doubts if they were the Trozan Horses of the ruling TRS. The grapevine has it that the chief organisers of these two outfits are actually trying to secure jobs in the office of a minister of KCR government.

Some people have also raised concerns about such leaders and have taken up the issue with Eatala Rajender himself. But, Eatala seems to have complete faith in these two leaders. However, the well-wishers reportedly told Eatala to keep an eye on these people with questionable credentials.