Eatala Jamuna's unique record

Thu Oct 14 2021 11:45:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

There's a strange superstition that rationalist leader Eatala Rajender believes in. The superstition is to make his wife file her nomination papers along with him and then withdraw on the day of the withdrawal of nominations. For seven consecutive times, Eatala's wife Jamuna Reddy filed her papers and then withdrew on the last day of the nominations. Every time, she did it, Eatala had won the elections handsomely.

This time too, Jamuna Reddy filed her nominations along with her husband. She later withdrew on the last day of the withdrawal of the nominations. She first did this in the 2004 elections. Then, Eatala was contesting from Kamalapur. In 2009, the constituency was removed in the delimitation process.  Then, Eatala moved to Huzurabad. Januma is continuing the same practice.

Some say that there was nothing superstitious in this. Eatala only wants to ensure that the ticket does not slip out of his family's grip. In the event of his nomination getting rejected for some reason, he can always make his wife Jamuna the official candidate and campaign for her. If she wins the elections, the MLA post will remain in the family fold. This is more a precaution less a superstition, say some followers of Eatala.

Whatever the reason, but Eatala's wife Jamuna would go down in the history of electoral politics as the only politician, who files nomination and then withdraws for the maximum number of times. Will this sentiment work this in favour Eatala as it has worked in the past? Let's wait and see.