Eatala joining BJP, but KCR government's Aalana vehicles still show him as health minister

Fri Jun 11 2021 19:15:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

We had earlier reported that even after leaving the party and the government, Eatela Rajender was still shown as the health minister in KCR government in government-run websites. Not one but five websites still showed him as the health minister. It was only after the media highlighted this that the government websites had made the necessary changes.

Now, Aalana services, which is a Telangana government's initiative for home health care, vans and ambulances are still found carrying Eatala's image. The vans have the image of Eatala as the health minister. Interestingly, Eatala was sacked a good one month ago. He sacking came soon after the Nagarjunasagar bypoll results were announced. KCR and Eatala did not see eye to eye for quite some time. However , KCR waited for the right time and struck during the pandemic leaving Eatala with no elbow space at all.

A month after sacking. Eatala has decided to leave the TRS. He is likely to resign from the MLA post on June 12 and is likely to join the BJP on June 14. On Friday, BJP leaders Tarun Chugh, Dr Lakshman, former MP Vivek, MLAs Raja Singh and Raghunandan went over to Eatala's residence and welcomed him into the party.