ED Probe In Tollywood Drugs Case Ends In Favour Of Celebrities!

Fri Sep 24 2021 15:00:17 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

It is known that the economic intelligence agency Enforcement Directorate (ED) had stepped into the alleged Drugs Case that came to the light in Hyderabad back in 2017. A few personalities from the Tollywood industry were summoned by the agency directing them to appear for the questioning session.

The last personality on the list to face the questions in the alleged drugs case was actor Tarun. As per the schedule, Tarun landed at the ED office in Hyderabad and his questioning lasted for over seven hours.

The sensational case that has created a sensation had ended with the celebrities linked to the case appearing before the officials and recording their statements. It is said that no crucial information was found in the investigation. With no information found in the probe, the ED had reportedly decided not to go ahead with the probe.

Media reports say that the insider reports claim the officials might not start a new league of probe in the case for the reason that no piece of information that will encourage the officials to restart the probe was found in the investigation despite grilling the celebrities. This should be seen as a big relief for the celebrities.

Even before the ED concluded its probe in the much-talked-about case, the Excise Department gave a clean chit to the 12 celebrities linked to the racket. The clean chit was given to the celebrities on the grounds of the reports of the sample analysis.

The Excise Department that had investigated the case when the case was busted in 2017 had taken the samples from the celebrities and sent them to the lab for tests. The test reports had claimed that no traces of drugs were found in the samples and the clean chit was given subsequently.

On the flip side, it is also said that the ED was in two minds on the issue as the officials cannot prove the alleged money laundering angle as there was no evidence to prove that the celebrities have consumed the drugs. How can the money laundering aspect be proved in a case where the drug abuse was not proved, people aware of the developments reportedly said.