Elderly Couple sends a message that you are never too late to make lifelong commitment

Wed Jun 09 2021 16:59:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

Marriage is a lifetime commitment and people often think there is a certain age for the commitment. But an elderly couple gave a strong message to the world that age has nothing to do with it.

John Shults and Joy Morrow-Nulton, who are 95, tied the knot recently. The duo was widowed twice respectively. However, they had the goal of finding a life partner and making it to 100 years.

The duo hail from New York in the United States. Before getting married, they dated for a while. However, they dated in a bubble given the Covid fear and the restrictions being in place.

The respective family members of the duo attended the wedding and wished them. The family members recalled how they used to call each other over the phone or speak in video calls.

"She's richer than I am, just so you know. She bought me a walker. "$159, I think. I told you she had money. She did have it until she bought my walker," John Shults said.