Election Commission Survey: Here Is The Questionnaire!

Fri Feb 08 2019 18:29:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

Election Commission of India decided to conduct Nationwide Survey ahead of the 2019 Elections. Tata Institute Of Social Science prepared the questionnaire. CES will conduct this survey in the Telugu States. Visakha, Vizianagaram, Vijayawada, Anantapur, Narsaraopeta and Tirupati Lok Sabha Segments will be covered during the survey. Constituencies in Telangana are yet to be fixed.

Samples will be collected from Villages with both highest and lowest voting percentages. Altogether, 17,000 samples will be collected.

Here is the Questionnaire:

1) Do you think EVMs are accurate?

2) Should Voting be made compulsory?

3) Is the influence of money and power in the elections increasing?

4) Have you voted in last elections?

5) Do you have a vote in the upcoming elections?

6) What's your family count?

7) How many of your family members have votes?

8) Was your name removed from Voter List?

9) Did you register again if your vote was removed?

10) Are you satisfied with Voter Registration process?

11) Have you received Voter Card?

12) What about facilities in Polling Station?

13) Why do you vote?

14) Do you consider the candidate while voting?

15) Are you sympathisers of any party?

16) Are you voting just because of threats from anyone?

17) Do you think the situation in the country is changing?

18) Do you feel free and fair elections were held in the country?