Elon Musk's Another Sensation: Chip Implantation In Humans!

Thu Dec 01 2022 18:03:59 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The world's richest man Elon Musk is a man of surprises. Instead of complaining about issues or reservations, Musk works on making alternatives. Not happy with the services in online banking, Elon Musk started Paypal. To give a big push to electric vehicles, he founded Tesla, an electric vehicle manufacturer.

Elon Musk is also focusing on space travel as his SpaceX aims at launching spacecraft into space. A trial was successfully performed and we might hear big news on this soon. One of the leading social media platforms Twitter is working under him now.

The Tesla boss is now on the path to a big sensation as his company Neuralink will start the clinical trial of a brain chip implant in the human brain in the next six months. Elon Musk said the same and took everyone by surprise. A presentation event was held recently and he addressed the attendees.

Elon Musk added further that the new technology will help the patients communicate easily and partially blind people will also benefit from this. He said that the new technology is in the development stage and the trials will start in six months.

"The progress at first, particularly as it applies to humans, will seem perhaps agonizingly slow, but we are doing all of the things to bring it to scale in parallel. So, in theory, progress should be exponential," Elon Musk said addressing the invitees.

The proposed technology works in a way that the chip will be implanted in human skill. The processor will help the patients facing issues with visibility and memory to restore their memory.

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