Elon Musk Giving His best To Make Twitter 2.0 The Best!

Wed Dec 07 2022 12:01:39 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The World's richest person Elon Musk is a person who is tough to read. No one can predict what he is up to and what he wants to do. He is into various fields and Elon Musk spread his wings into a bunch of things be it the Electric vehicle manufacturing company Tesla or the Spacecraft engineering corporation SpaceX.

But what surprised many is Elon Musk buying social media giant Twitter. After taking the microblogging site into his control Elon Musk has been showing his mark on the platform. Twitter under Elon Musk is different than the previous administration.

The way Twitter is working under Elon Musk is called Twitter 2.0. Musk is very adamant about making the platform run on the rules he wants. He has sent a strong message to the employees about how their future would be by sacking big employees including Chief Executive Officer.

Later Elon Musk made the work culture strict at Twitter. The employees were reportedly asked to work extra hours or else they will have to look for other jobs. Employees were forced to work hard as they were left with no other option.

Now the latest news is that the Head Quarters of Twitter in San Francisco underwent massive changes and upgrades. When the employees went to the office they were taken by surprise looking at the chances the office went through. For a few minutes, they were in shock as they could not believe what they saw inside the office.

Media reports say that bedrooms came into existence in the headquarters of Twitter. The bedroom had the facilities like unmade mattresses, drab curtains, and monitors that support conferences. Employees dubbed the development as a big upgrade.

It is known that Elon Musk has been talking about making Twitter a better place compared to the previous administration. The Tesla chief still says that freedom of expression made him take Twitter into his control. The employees are made to give their best already and it appears like now Elon Musk is also giving whatever he can to make Twitter 2.0 better than what it was earlier.