Employees Associations respond to Govts invitation for meeting

Tue Jan 25 2022 17:19:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

The much-talked-about PRC recommendations issue continues to surprise one and all. At regular intervals the issue has been going through interesting twists and turns. The issue is seeing no development with both sides having their stand. This is also leading to the gap between Government and employees getting wider and wider.

The General Administration Department had asked the employees earlier today to attend the meeting at Secretariat with the Andhra Pradesh Ministers Committee with an intention to consider the concerns of the employees and address the issue in the best possible way.

After the invitation was sent to the employees there was a lot of suspense around the issue as to how the employees will react to the invitation and how they will make their next big move in connection with the issue.

In the wake of the suspense the PRC Committee chaired a key meeting and a lot of issues came up for discussion. Putting a full stop to the suspense the Committee had reportedly decided to not attend the meeting until the demands placed by them are not addressed.

The PRC committee is expected to write a letter to the Ministers Committee with a few demands like the cancellation of the Government Orders on the PRC issue and to grant the old salaries for the state employees.tIn addition to this the employees also placed an additional demand of making the Ashutosh Mishra report public on the PRC recommendations.

With the employees associations making their stand clear that unless their demands were not addressed, they are not interested in attending the meeting its interesting to see how the Andhra Pradesh government will deal with the situation.

The protests called by the employees have started today and under the schedule the protests will go through the district headquarters. Slowly the protests will be intensified and the employees taking part in the indefinite strike will be the last step as per the schedule.

The employees have recently served the strike notice to Chief Secretary Sameer Sharma saying that they are not happy with the PRC recommendations and are going for the protests