Employees say they will leave companies if WFH is not extended!

Thu Sep 23 2021 19:07:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

Since 2020, the employees of various sectors have been following the Work from Home module fearing the virus spread. The module became the new normal for the employees. Despite the Work From Home module announced by the companies as a precautionary measure, the practice kept on extending die to the Covid impact.

With the series of lockdowns imposed in the country to fight the pandemic, the employees have been given the facility to work from home. The employees have also adopted the new module very well as they can handle the office work and housework simultaneously.

The recent surveys had found out that the employees are loving the new module to a level that a major share of the employees want to continue the module and they are not in favour of the work from the office module anymore.

As the cases are coming down gradually, the educational institutions across the country are being reopened in a phased manner. With this, the leading IT firms have asked the employees to come to the office to work in a phased manner. By the end of 2022, the companies want to see over 70 percent of employees working from the office.

Focusing on Hyderabad, the IT employees have gone to their native places during the lockdown period and have been working from there. Citing practical issues, the employees are asking the companies to extend the module as the third wave might hit any time soon.

A recent survey had shed light on the employees' perception towards work from home. The respondents in the survey said that they will leave the company if the company says, the work from home cannot be extended.

With the employees striking to the work from home module, the employers might face a big task in making the employees change their mindset and start working from the office.