End Of The Road For Sujana Chowdary?

Wed Jun 16 2021 13:53:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

The TDP Rajya Sabha MPs who joined the BJP after the 2019 elections are now a worried lot. Their term will expire in another year. They have no way of getting re-elected to Rajya Sabha again. The TDP does not have the required numbers to send them to Rajya Sabha. The BJP does not have any MLA or MP seat in AP. It just has one MLC seat in the form of PVN Madhav. So, there is no way it can send either Sujana or TG Venkatesh to Rajya Sabha.

Sujana's situation is more problematic. Sujana Chowdary is facing economic cases of very serious nature ranging from duping banks to fund siphoning. He is also accused of creating shell companies for fund diversion. The Bank of India had also issued a lookout notice against him. It was only after a great effort that he had managed to stall the auction of his companies and other assets.

His being a BJP MP has helped him in tiding over the crisis. But, once his term is over, the BJP may not really help him. The BjP is also upset that despite being in the BJP, he has been actively helping the TDP especially in the case of former state election commissioner N Ramesh Kumar. He had met RameshKumar secretly in hotels and reportedly arranged lawyers to fight Ramesh Kumar's case. Now that his term is in the last leg, there is no way of entering Rajya Sabha. This will also remove the protective cover around him. Even TG Venkatesh is facing an uncertain future.

Interestingly, the term of CM Ramesh and Kanakamedala (still with the TDP) will expire in 2024.