Etela Indicates Readiness To Fight Back

Mon May 03 2021 13:44:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a first sign of hitting back, ousted minister and former KCR acolyte Etela Rajendra said the allegations of land grab against him were all false. These cases were foisted with ill intentions, said Rajender.

Etela,who held a meeting with his supporters to decide on the future course of action, told media that even the CM knew that he had not done anything that would bring bad name to the party for the last 19 years. He said he did not succumb to several allurements offered by the enemies of Telangana agitation. The CM too knows all these, he said.

He said that the enquiries conducted by the officials were motivated. He said KCR's would not gain anything by conducting raids on his poultry farms. He sought to know as to how his lands were measured without serving him a notice. He said that his name was included in the Jamuna Hatcheries Case when he was not even the chairperson of the hatcheries. He said he was surrounded by hundreds of police in an attempt to drive fear into the hearts of his supporters. He said he would seek the legal route to fight the government.

He said the government had flouted all rules when a road was laid to KCR’s farm house.  He said he was ready to resign from the post of MLA, but would seek the opinion of the people of the constituency. He said he would not sell his soul.