Etela, Kcr Move Their Pawns On Political Chess Board

Mon May 03 2021 11:43:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

L'affire Etela is the talk of the town in Telangana. Both Etela and CM rnKCR have been together for the last 20 years and have been the rnindivisible part of the Telangana movement. So, both know each other rnvery well and understand each other's political moves.

Etela rnknows KCR's mind perfectly well and hence did not make even a single rncomment on KCR all these days despite being branded as a land grabber rnand despite being thrown out of the ministry. He only said that it was rnthe prerogative of the CM. Then, he let KCR thrown him out of the rncabinet. He is said to be making a plan to wreak vengeance on KCR. Etelarn being Etela, he is said to be planning in silence. He is quite rnsecretive about his next moves. Highly placed sources say that he is rnplanning to resign from the party and the assembly and force a rnbyelection in Huzurabad. He wants to defeat the TRS and storm back into rnthe legislative assembly.

Etela might reserve his fire power for rnthe elections, during which he would make one explosive revelation afterrn another to perplex KCR. He is said to be planning to hit at KCR's ego rnduring the byelections. So, it would be an interesting fight between tworn former friends soon. Let's wait and see how both these grandmasters rnmove their pawns on the political chess board.