Etela Land Grabbing Row: High Court refuses to stall the inquiry!

Thu Jun 17 2021 17:41:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

The much talked about land encroachment involving former TRS and current BJP leader Etela Rajender had reached the Telangana High Court for one more time.

The issue reached the High Court after a petitioner, Sada Kesava Reddy had moved the coury to seek directives to quash the G.O on a probe into the land enroachment by the committee consisting of IAS officers.

Hearing the petition, the High Court had refused to stay the inquiry and asked what's the problem in the committee conducting the probe.

The High Court asked the petitioner why can't the government identify and protect the lands that belong to the government.Should the temple lands and government lands allowed to be enroached, the HC asked.

However, the high court agreed with the contention of the petitioner that the officials were not serving any notices to the occupants of the lands and were trespassing into their properties.

During the hearing, the High Court was satisfied with the arguments of the petitioner that the officials are trespassing into the properties without giving notices to the owners.

Saying that conducting a comprehensive probe into the issue is the duty of the officials, the HC directed them to serve notices to the petitioners prior to taking any action.The officials were directed to submit a report on the probe.

Adding further, the HC said the officials can take action against the petitioners as per the law of they don't co-operate with them in the investigation.