Allegations Row: Etela Rajender smells planned conspiracy to Malign his character!

Sat May 01 2021 10:45:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

As a sensational development in Telangana politics, allegations of grabbing assigned lands were raised against TRS senior leader, Health Minister Etela Rajender, which surprised everyone.

TRS boss, Telangana Chief Minister KCR himself has reportedly issued directives to the Chief Secretary to look into the allegations, and the Medak district Collector and Vigilance wing of Police should conduct the inquiry.

After these developments, Etela Rajender spoke to the media over the issue and raised a doubt of a planned conspiracy to character assassinate him and show him in a bad light.

Saying that he is not guilty in this regard, the six-time legislator dared a probe into the allegations leveled against him by a sitting judge.

'Everyone in the state knows about me and my life. For so long, my family has been in the poultry business. I haven't committed any mistakes in my journey. No person from my constituency has raised a complaint against me so far. I will step down from my post if found guilty,' Etela said.

He found fault with a few media outlets that have carried out stories against him over the allegations. He said, all this propaganda is being done with a clear shot agenda to malign his image.

Political analysts say that the inquiry ordered by the state government is the indication of a growing gap between KCR and Etela Rajender. The differences between the duo surfaced when Etela said, everyone who worked during the Telangana Bifurification movement is the owner of the TRS party.