Etela edges out Sharmila from Telangana political narrative

Mon May 24 2021 12:41:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

Has YS Sharmila lost the political initiative after a promising beginning? It appears so. Ever since Etela episode began and Covid became more intense, the focus has shifted away from Sharmila. Her party is now busy only on Twitter and even the Lotus Pond office seems to have been shut for now.

When she began, she began with great promise. There was an anti-TRS mood and the people were waiting for someone to take on KCR. Sharmila made right noises and attacked KCR's acts of omission and commission. She took on KCR head-on and raised issues like unemployment and farm crisis. He also promised to bring back Rajanna Rajyam. Even her Khammam meeting managed to create the right buzz.

But, Etela episode came out of the blue and threw Sharmila's political strategies out of the window. Suddenly, politics began revolving around Etela. Even the BJP and the Congress began talking about him to corner KCR. On his part, KCR too focused on countering Etea. Suddenly,  Sharmila went missing in the whole narrative.

Today, no one is talking about Sharmila and her to-be-born party. The leaders, who wanted to join her, have also backed out. The footfalls at Sharmila's residence have come down. As of now, only inconsequential leaders are behind her.