Etela's politics swing from one extreme to the other

Fri Jun 04 2021 12:48:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

For Etela Rajender, the renegade-turned-rebel TRS leader, who finally bit the bullet and left the party, politics has been a rollercoaster ride. He began his politics in the extreme left and ended up in the extreme right. Quite a pendulum swing indeed!!

Etela as a student was a very active Left worker. He joined the Radical Student Union, which is a front organisation of the Naxals. He also joined the Naxals and worked as an underground worker for quite some time. Later, he came over-ground and started his businesses. Soon, he became a well-known name in hatcheries business. But, his Left leanings stayed on. Slowly, he veered towards the Telangana agitation launched by KCR and became an active worker of the TRS. As a TRS leader, he was in the forefront of  all the agitations. He did not defect even when many of his colleagues changed parties. He remained with KCR all the while. However, the differences cropped up after Telangana was formed. Now, he is out of the TRS. He has resigned from the party on Friday.

He is likely to join the BJP along with his friends and close associates in a couple of days. Thus, it has been  swing to the other extreme. From Leftist ideology to the Rightist ideology, it has been quite a journey for him. Let's wait and see how he will make a place for himself in a party that he had always opposed on ideological grounds.