Etela sends confusing signals, keeps KCR guessing

Tue May 11 2021 12:15:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

Etela, like his once-boss KCR, is sending confusing signals. On one hand, he is showing signs of thawing. But at the same time, he is also showing that he is itching for a fight with KCR. He is giving enough signals that he is ready to fight KCR.

Two key leaders - former MLA Enugula Ravinder Reddy and Karimnagar former ZP chief Tula Uma have openly come out in support of Etela. Both went over to Etela's residence and spoke to him over his plan of future action.  Also, a significant section of the TRS unit in Huzurbad too is staunchly behind Etela Rajender. A section of the media close to Etela is claiming that Etela would go ahead and form a political party of his own. They say that Etela will fight till the end and give KCR a run for his money.

Meanwhile, Etela has also released a special song to question the policies and actions of KCR. This is the first indication that Etela is itching for a fight, say sources close to him. The song penned by Manukota Prasad was sung by Rambabu. The song very clearly indicates that Etela might start his own party. A verse in the song says that the people will be with Etela and that they will hold his flag high.

Sources also say that Etela is planning to hold a mega public meeting in Huzurabad. He might resign from the MLA post from the dais of this meeting, sources close to him say.