Even Covid Fear Could Not Stop Indians Love For Gold!

Fri Jan 20 2023 20:04:44 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Gold is not just an ornament for Indians. It is also an investment for many. Middle-class people save and buy money even in schemes hoping that it would help them in the future. As Gold prices are increasing regularly we can say that it is a wise move to invest in gold as the risk is very less.

The tradition of investing in Gold has been going on for generations in India. It has to be mentioned here that former Prime Minister Narasimha Rao rescued India in terms of the economy by pledging gold holdings. Such was the impact gold has.

Moreover, there is no limit for married Indian women on the gold. It is said that they can have around 500 grams of gold without any records. So women prefer buying gold. It can help in two ways. One they can be the center of attraction in functions and they can also serve as a good investment.

Yet again the love of Indians towards gold was exposed. As per a report, Indians brought as many as 611 tonnes of gold in 2021. Despite the Covid impact Indians did not take a back step and brought gold. It is said that the numbers are highest in the recent past.

The report allegedly says that middle-class people accounted for more of the gold that was purchased in 2021. The elderly people also urged their family members to go for gold purchases. Making the members understand the benefits of buying gold they asked them to buy gold.