Even Rayalaseema Faction Didn't See Brutal Murder as Tammineni's!

Wed Aug 17 2022 14:15:03 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Faction is a very famous word in Telugu states that needs no introduction. Without any doubt, films also played a big role in making faction popular among the people. The way heroes play faction leaders brought almost a cult status to the faction trend. Though the faction looks heroic on screen in reality the killings are spine-chilling.

People are now talking about faction after a ruling party leader in Telangana was brutally killed in broad daylight. The way, the TRS leader was killed brutally made many feel that even the faction killings won't look that scary.

Earlier this week Tammineni Krishnaiah was brutally killed by unidentified men. The pictures shed light on the brutality shown by the killers. More than the murder, people are talking about the brutality that was involved.

Now a live witness is taking everyone into the spine-chilling murder of Tammineni Krishnaiah. One Muthesham who is calling himself the eyewitness of murder said that after reaching the Maddulapalli Dhobi Ghat an auto coming from the opposite side hit his bike leaving Krishniah and him to fall from the bike.

There are six people in the Auto and four people brutally attacked Tammineni Krishnaiah. The eyewitness said that the four people Krishna Swamy, Nukala Lingiah, Nageswara Rao, and Mental Srinu are close aides of Tammineni Koteswara Rao. He also highlighted the deadly nature of Rao who doesnt shy away from threatening people who won't listen to him.

When the attackers attacked him Tammineni Krishnaiah pleaded with them to not harm him. But the attackers did not listen and went ahead and brutally killed him. Without any mercy, they cut his hands and then stabbed him in his neck. Later Tammineni Krishnaiah passed away within five minutes in front of me, he said.

Having said that Muthesham went on to say that the attackers also tried to attack him, but he managed to escape unhurt as he hurled stones at the attackers. He gave another angle to the story saying that without the direction and advice of Tammineni Veerabhadram and Tammineni Koteswara Rao the attack would have not happened.