Even Sharmila Is Not Supporting Jagan's Decision!

Thu Sep 22 2022 11:31:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Andhra Pradesh government led by Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is facing heat over the bill to rename the NTR Health University to YS Health University. The bill was passed in the Assembly house the other day. NTR fans and supporters are asking how the government can do that.

YSR's daughter YS Sharmila finally reacted to the issue. She is busy with her yatra and she spoke to the media. During the media interaction, Sharmila was asked about the culture of changing names whenever the government changes. YSRTP Chief Sharmila said a big no to this.

Sharmila said that the University had a name for whatever reason. Changing the name will make it lose its sanctity. It will be an honour if the name is continued. There will be no confusion about it. It will not be good if the names are changed, she said.

Sharmila made her stand clear here that it is not a good decision to change the name of the University. For some time, we have been hearing that things are not going well between Jagan and YS Sharmila and she might have made comments with these issues.

On the flip side, YS Sharmila might have felt that changing the name will bring a negative impact on her father's name as people are now asking why the University was given YSR's name which has nothing to do with the university as it was conceptualized and built in TDP's regime.

Naming a university or any institution built in their regime is one thing. The reason behind many structures and facilities having Gandhi family members' names in the country is an example. As Congress ruled the nation for a few decades, they named the structures and institutions after them.

This is not the case here. YSRCP is saying that YSR was pro-poor while taking policies and that's why the decision was taken. The ruling party is saying in a tone that no other Chief Ministers in the state brought schemes for the poor

YS Sharmila has made her vows on this open that the decision was not good. Now the ball is in YSRCP's court and we have to see how the ruling party responds to this.

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