Everything Except 'Swearing-In' Discussed

Wed May 15 2019 10:55:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

Finally, Chandrababu Naidu managed to hold the Cabinet meeting. Most ministers were present. Some could not make it due to various reasons. The meet did not discuss anything about cyclone relief or any earth-shaking development that warranted an urgent cabinet meeting at a time when the poll code is in force.

The TDP leaders then met at the end of the Cabinet meeting and the meet discussed issues like whether to hold Mahanadu or not. It discussed how to accommodate Chandrababu's busy schedule with the pressing needs in Delhi after the election results are out. The meet discussed about what would be the likely political scenario after the votes are counted and how Chandrababu would shape the anti-BJP politics.  The party meet then decided that there would be no Mahanadu this time because of the political heat.

But, one thing is quite interesting. No one in the meeting, including Chandrababu Naidu talked about swearing-in and the date for the programme. They discussed all other things except swearing in. More interestingly, Chandrababu asked the party cadre not to worry about the exit poll outcome. So, is Chandrababu preparing for post-Government life? Why is he advising the party workers not to worry about the exit polls?