This GO Is Equal To Tissue Paper: Undavalli

Fri Nov 16 2018 16:05:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

While responding on the controversial GO issued by TDP Government denying entry for the Central Agency into AP, Undavalli Arun Kumar opined CBI doesn't need the permission of anybody to conduct IT Raids or investigate a case. He further added, 'If its related to the organizations under the control of State Government, CBI might seek prior permission'.

The former MP made it clear Chandrababu Naidu hasn't sought CBI inquiry even once though he is in power for close to 15 years. 'State Government can't say to CBI that it have no right to conduct raids. This is what happened in the cases related to Pappu Yadav in Uttar Pradesh. The GO issued by TDP Government is equal to tissue paper. Senior Advocates have been laughing at the GO. Babu has been ruining the prestige of AP at the national level by issuing such GOs. Why Chandrababu is opposing IT Raids and CBI? Why Centre was blamed for IT Raids on TDP Leaders? There is nothing worse than a CM complaining IT Raids are meant to weaken him. At least now, CM should reconsider the decision and withdraw the GO'.

Supreme Court Advocate MK Sharma told State Government doesn't have the powers to impose ban on CBI completely. He explained, 'Govt can only impose few restrictions depending on the cases. This GO will be dismissed by the court. Only Centre  & Parliament have the authority over CBI as per Article 7A of the constitution. This GO seems to be meant for political gains. A petition seeking removal of Section 6 will be filed in Supreme Court on Monday. AP Government should explain why it banned CBI. Centre should bring an ordinance to prevent the implementation of such a GO'.