Ex-Minister quits AP BJP, future under Bleak?

Mon May 16 2022 16:43:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

Politics is a patience game and politicians who want to be in the field should have some patience. Politics is not like the software job where one needs to switch jobs frequently for better growth and salary. If we use the same strategy in politics, he/she ends up doing nothing in politics.

A former Minister in Andhra Pradesh is now learning the tough lesson now. Ex-Minister Ravela Kishore Babu, who is with the Andhra Pradesh wing of BJP called it quits from the party citing personal reasons. His decision is not surprising to many, as Babu has been not taking part in the party activities for the past few months.

For the past few weeks, there has been news which is doing rounds. The news says that Ravela is not having a good time in the saffron party and he is in plans to switch sides. Now the reports appeared true as he announced his decision to quit the party.

Ravela has had the history of not getting along with the party he joins. Starting with the Telugu Desam Party, the same is the case and former Minister ends up leaving the parties after some time.

His political journey started with TDP in 2014. When the divided Andhra Pradesh went for the first polls, Ravela joined TDP and contested the polls. After winning his maiden polls, he was made the Cabinet Minister.

After not getting good importance, he joined Pawan Kalyan's Janasena before the polls. However, he could not win the polls and left the party. Later, he joined the AP BJP and his journey with BJP is also a short lived one.

As he said that he is calling quits with the BJP as well. There are several questions on what will be do now. Some say that he might join the ruling YSRCP as the party is in ruling now.

On the other hand, some believe that the ex MLA might call it quits from politics as he is seeing no good future in the field in the near future. Once he makes any statement, the air around this will be cleared.