Huzurnagar Exit Polls: Who Will Have Last Laugh?

Mon Oct 21 2019 21:38:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

Polling in Huzurnagar ended by 5 PM on Monday. Election Commission permitted the voters who were in the queue to vote. Fight is between only two parties (TRS, Congress) in this by-election. While Congress was determined to retain the sitting seat, TRS has been in defence due to the RTC Strike. Both Ruling Party and Main Opposition fought so hard to have the last laugh.

Research & Analysis By Public Pulse collected the opinions of voters while polling was happening in Huzurnagar. As per the data collected, TRS is most likely to emerge victorious here though its gonna be a hard-fought battle.

As per the Survey, 48.4 Percent Respondents voted for TRS and 42.9 percent Respondents preferred Congress. While TDP received 4.8 percent, BJP settled with 0.8 percent. Others accounted for 0.8 percent. BJP which dreamt of emerging as an alternative to TRS performed poorly than TDP.

Factors which worked in favour of TRS:

Voters preferred Ruling Party for the sake of Development

Sympathy on TRS Candidate who faced defeat in previous election

High Percentage of Farmers in Huzurnagar. Rythu Bandhu, 24 Hours Power fetched votes for TRS.

Pensioners favoured TRS.

Congress, TDP contested jointly in 2018 Assembly Polls. 70 percent of TDP Supporters voted for Congress at that time. This time, TDP contested separately. In addition, Cross Voting helped TRS.

Factors that didn't go in favour of TRS:

Employees didn't vote for TRS due to RTC Strike

Good Image for Uttam Kumar Reddy in Huzurnagar

Increase of Anti-Incumbency

Whether this Survey turns out to be true or not can be known only on October 24th when the counting comes to an end. Wait Until Then!