Experts caution against Whatsapp doctors, Youtube Expets on Covid

Tue May 04 2021 17:16:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

Social media is the in thing these days. In terms of quick response and interactive nature, social media platforms like the Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp or even the Youtube  have carved out a niche for themselves. Every conceivable information is now available on the social media and there are readymade answers to all our queries. They have also become the fastest disseminators of news replacing the mainstream media.

But the social media has its pitfalls too. There is surfeit of quacks who pose as experts on any subject. Some of the suggestions and tips they give are as weird as they are dangerous. Some people are trying to project themselves as experts and are seeking instant fame. Some are even claiming that they have a panacea for Corona. Unfortunately, many persons are tending to believe them. Recently someone suggested on the YouTube that a drop of lemon juice should be put into the nose to kill corona.A teacher in West Godavari and several others tried this trick with disastrous results. The teacher died after he poured lemon juice into his nostrils.

Some are walking to the nearest dispensary and are asking for the medicines prescribed by quacks on the social media. There are incidents of people taking these medicines and getting into life-threatening situations. Experts suggest that the people should not go by what the Whatsapp University guys suggest. Instead they should consult reputed sources like the Central Government's apps and ICMC websites. It is always advisable to do what the Central Government's reputed and authorised agencies say.