Fake Membership Drive Drama In Youth Congress

Tue Sep 22 2020 09:17:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

Organisational elections in the Telangana Youth Congress have turned out to be a farce. The aspirants are doing unthinkable things to outpace rivals. This has reduced the whole electoral process to a mere comic drama.

In view of Covid 19, the Congress has decided to make changes in the Youth Congress president elections. It said he who enrolls the maximum number of new members would be made the president.  This one statement opened the floodgates for fraud. The members began going to engineering colleges in the state and collected the data of the students. They have collected the Aadhar numbers and even numbers of the dead people and turn them into members of the Youth Congress. The students do not even know that their names have been enrolled in the Congress Party. Not just that, more than one candidate has used the same data. So, there is a lot of duplication.

Some ticket aspirants have given appointed special staff for membership enrollment. The asking rate, according to sources, is Rs 1000 for 100 members. They are using computer centres for the enrollment. Party seniors, who are shocked by this farcical membership enrollment, are saying that this is the reason why the party is losing its relevance. These fake memberships do no good to the party, they argue.