Fake Recovery Agents Arrested For Targeting Politicians!

Sat Jul 30 2022 18:29:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

The fraud loan apps have increased a lot in the past few years. A lot of fake recovery agents are torturing people demanding to give money as a part of loan recovery. A few of the common men have also committed suicide but there was nothing happening from the side of government officials.

But the real problem arose when they decided to target politicians rather than common people. It has been told that Cherukuri Shankaraah who is the PA of Andhra Pradesh Agriculture Minister Kakani Govardhan Reddy received a lot of calls from a loan recovery agent. He reportedly said that Shankariah needs to pay around 8 lakhs. The minister's PA has reportedly paid 25,000 rupees despite got taking the loan. But the fake recovery agents used to call him repeatedly.

It is not just a Minister's PA but even an ex-minister has also faced a similar situation. Former Minister Anil Kumar Yadav was called by these fake agents but he denied taking any loans. The audio files of their conversations came out and it is clearly audible how the lady on the phone made Anil Kumar lose his temper.

After getting vexed by these continuous calls, Shankariah took it to the notice of Minister Kakani and the SP of Nellore was informed about it. The police immediately formed a team and went into the roots of the crime and caught the main culprits. Four people were caught in Chennai and the police have informed that a special software was used by them in order to call and harass the people for money. Interestingly, a lot of big names in the law department have come to the police in order to give bail to the arrested.
Looks like there is a huge conspiracy behind it and some big names are involved. A lot of common people are facing such calls and they do not have the power in their hands which is making them an easy target. Not many even dare to report this to the police and face the harassment of fake loan recovery agents.

Since this happened to an ex-minister and a Minister's PA, the police were quick to respond and take action. But what about common people?