Fake news battle begins in Munugode

Wed Aug 17 2022 13:14:13 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Now that Munugode bypolls are a distinct reality, the major contenders have begun the misinformation war. Both the TRS, BJP and the Congress have begun the social media battle. All kinds of stories are being spread to create confusion in the minds of the political rivals. The fake news is now the biggest challenge for all the political parties.

Stories of the deep differences and infighting in the TRS are now doing rounds on social media. There are also reports that several TRS leaders from the lower rungs are joining the BJP. The TRS says this is all fake news and that there are no differences within the TRS. In fact, local minister Jagadeeshwar Reddy said that the party candidate would be decided by KCR himself and that everyone will abide by his decision.

Another set of fake news doing rounds in Munugode is that instead of going in for the bypolls in Munugode, KCR might call for snap polls. The TRS has scotched such stories and said that the TRS will last its full term.

The BJP too has accused the TRS of spreading fake news that its "Salu Dora Selavu Dora" campaign was ordered to be stopped by the election commission. The BJP also said that the TRS was spreading rumours that Amit Shah would not attend the party’s public meeting in Munugode. The BJP said that Amit Shah would surely visit Munugode and address the meeting.

With such face news doing rounds , the voters of the constituency are a confused lot. They wenat an end to this fake information in the constituency.