Family Of Saidabad Case Accused Alleges Cops Killed Raju!

Thu Sep 16 2021 14:29:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

The sensational rape and murder case of a small girl in Saidabad went through a sudden twist with Raju, the main accused reportedly ending his life by suicide. A dead body that was found on a railway track near Ghatkesar is said to be of the accused.

Though the reports of the post-mortem of the body are not out yet, the tattoo on the hands of the dead body appears to be that of the same tattoo Raju has on his both hands. As per the poster released by the cops a few days back, Raju has a tattoo written Mounika on his in Telugu and English as well. The dead body also has the same tattoo.

Reacting to the news, the family members of the accused alleged that the cops might have killed him and the dead body was later placed on the railway track. They had agreed that what Raju had done was a crime and not acceptable. However, they said, Raju might have not done suicide.

Raju's wife Mounika spoke to the media after the news of the suicide. She alleged that he was killed by the cops and said she will also end her life as she can’t live without her spouse.

On the other hand, the family members of the victim had raised a few doubts and asked the government and the cops to bring the dead body to Saidabad once. They said they can't believe the news until they see the dead body with their eyes. A lot of people will have tattoos and based on the tattoo we can't come to a conclusion, they said. Earlier, they demanded that the accused should be shot down for the heinous crime he had committed.

One Kumar, who works as a Trackman said that before the incident they had spotted a person who looked a bit suspicious. After seeing me and another trackman, the person went into the nearby field. We went to work. We were informed by the farmers that a person had lost his life by running in front of the Konark Express. We alerted the Railway staff straightaway, he said.